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“…the interview looked great.. And the b-roll was amazing!

It has been a long time since I have seen such well composed footage. I so appreciate your artistic eye, and your ability to make something look so beautifully “gritty”, and moody.

Supervising Segment Director
Dr. Phil Show”


“I was immediately grabbed
by your visual creativity… we’d love to have you on our show any time.”

Karen W.

Executive Producer, My First Place

“We are all raving about your
extraordinary shots and the marathon you ran… all off the shoulder. You are amazing.
The best!”

Mary C.F.

Nightline (covering the Obama campaign)

“I can’t tell you enough how great Gary Levens
is…again and again… His camerawork is always superb…”

Brian O.

Good Morning America

“we’ve worked together on all kinds of shoots…Gary’s a
pro at all of it. Great lighting, great b-roll, just the best!”

Teresa C.

Freelance producer

“…outstanding job! …all
of the elements are there for us to give our stories a unique style and a great sense of
location. I’ve cut a couple of shows that you’ve shot and I must say it’s a pleasure to
work with you.”

Dustin S. – Editor

My First Place, HGTV

“…the scenics you shot
in San Francisco are the best I’ve ever seen in over 3 years on this show. Awesome work!”

Brian W. – Editor

My First Place, HGTV

“I’ve gone through a lot of material we shot together a couple of weeks ago. Everything looks terrific. You have a good eye, you’re conscientious and you’re a pleasure to work with. What more could a producer ask for?”

Marcia H.

Religion and Ethics Newsweekly

“Oprah was very, very happy with your footage-in fact she commented many times about diffrent shots she loved.”

Amy H.

The Oprah Show

“Working with you is always a pleasure. I look forward to any assignment with you on the list.”

Erin H.

ABC News

“The video and audio from (the) hospital were excellent. The editors appreciated all the options and great audio.”

Dan G.


“…shooting and lighting were fabulous, disposition and demeanor extraordinary.”

Tara L.

Good Morning America

“Compliments to you from all who have seen the story. Nancy Glass even stopped me today and mentioned what great shooting it was.”

Bette H.

Nancy Glass Productions

“Thanks so much … the footage looked beautiful.”

Deborah K.

ABC Primetime

“…very pleased with the fresh angles you gave…” “…lots of good feedback on the b-roll…” “thanks to you and Joe for your superb job.”

Shelly H.

The Oprah Show

“This show never could have worked without a brilliant cameraman and his patient, meticulous partner…”

Susan A.

Discovery Network

“It was a pleasure to cut because we had so many fine shots, scenes and natural sound bridges to choose from.”

Animal Planet

“The video is very, very good…” “…lots of choices, lots of good angles, great lighting!”

Coleen D.

The Food Network

“This guy was just what the doctor ordered for my Chicago shoot … and he brought with him the right bag of tools for the job.”

Rob C.

Jupiter Productions

“the best of the best!”

Liz K.

Freelance producer

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